The word divorce can conjure up images of confusion, conflict and economic woes.  Also
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Divorce is not only an emotional roller coaster for the parties involved, but it is also an
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when handling a divorce is to allow you to move on with your life as quickly as possible.  

We work hard to take the mystery out of the legal aspects of divorce.  Ending the legal
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One of the most heart-wrenching aspects of any divorce involves the decisions that must
be made as to how children will be cared for when their parents begin living separate
lives in separate homes. Mothers, many of whom may have assumed during the marriage
that they would be able to stay at home and care for their children during their school
years, face the prospect of having to return to the job market part time or full time.
Fathers, many of whom were actively involved in their children's care, fear that they will
lose their relationship with their children upon moving out of the homestead and starting
a separate life.

In a perfect world, you and your spouse will have sufficient strength and love for your
children to know how to craft a parenting plan that is in their best interest. Regrettably,
however, many times, the emotions you are experiencing at the time, and the differences
you are experiencing with your spouse, make this type of decision and compromise
difficult if not impossible to make on your own. In the past, spouses have become stuck on
the labels attached to decisions involving the children - sole custody, physical custody
and visitation sometimes sound as if children are property to be awarded to one party
over the other.

The family law system has developed a process to assist the court in making these difficult
decisions if the parties are unable to reach their own agreements. Especially over the past
decade, strides have been made to change the labels previously associated with
decisions involving the care of children. While the labels of custody still may be used, sole
physical custody has now become "primary physical custody," and it is appropriate and
even encouraged today that the parties agree or that courts establish parenting plans
affording each party access with the children, without assigning specific labels to the
parenting time arrangement.


An important aspect of our practice is assuring that a fair and appropriate amount of child
support is provided for your child. Child support is a court ordered obligation from one
parent (or both) to the other, to help defray the costs of raising your child. Child support
will help pay a share of the costs of housing for your child, food, clothing, schooling,
extracurricular costs, entertainment and travel. Additional funds are also provided to
assist with costs of daycare and health insurance costs. Child support is calculated based
upon what are known as Child Support Guidelines.


A court may modify a previously issued order for child support or spousal maintenance if
there has been a “substantial change” in a party’s financial circumstances which makes
the existing child support and/or spousal maintenance award “unreasonable and unfair.”
Examples of changes in circumstances which may be the basis for modifying support or
maintenance include:

  • a substantial increase or decrease in the income of the person paying support or
    maintenance (the “obligor”) or of the person receiving support or maintenance (the
  • a substantial increase or decrease in the needs of the obligor or oblige or the party’
    s child or children;
  • a change in the cost of living;
  • extraordinary medical expenses of a child not previously provided for;
  • the addition of or a substantial increase or decrease in work related or educational
    related child care costs; or
  • the emancipation of a child.

The person seeking the modification has the “burden of proving” that the support or
maintenance order should be modified. A request for modification may only be made
retroactive (effective back to) the date the motion for modification is served.

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